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A 45 minute trip will take you to one of the highlights of the Hauraki Gulf. The world recognised Tiri Tiri Matangi Bird Sanctuary is home to some of New Zealand’s most endangered birds and the open sanctuary provides a unique opportunity to see them close up in their natural habitat.

Tiritiri Matangi is one of only two Open Scientific Reserves in New Zealand, the other being the Albatross colony at Taiaroa Heads near Dunedin. Tiritiri Matangi Island is a successful partnership between the Department of Conservation and the Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi (Inc.) a dedicated group of volunteers.


New Zealand Saddleback

Some of the rarer birds that have been introduced are Tieke, the saddleback, Kakariki, the red crowned parakeet, Toutouwai, the north island robin, Popokatea, the whitehead, little spotted Kiwi, Hihi, the stitchbird, Kokako, Pateke, the brown teal and the flightless Takahe once thought to be extinct. The Takahe seem almost too easy to see. All of them are colour banded and have names, some English, some Maori. It is interesting to see Takahe and Pukeko together and compare size, shape, and behaviour.


New Zealand Takahe

Korimako, the bellbird, is almost everywhere. Their vocalisations are quite wonderful, extremely liquid and loud. The call for which they are named, a three or four note bell-like sequence is their morning call. It is like being surrounded by a bell-ringing chorus. Brown Teal were reintroduced to the island in 1987 and now occupy most ponds and wet places on the island. Blue penguin are numerous with artificial burrows set up for them. As well as the more common bush birds such as Piwakawaka, the fantail, Tui, Tauhau, the silvereye, and Riroriro, the grey warbler, there are grey-faced petrels in the breeding season and Puweto, the spotless crake, all making it is one of the few places left where one can hear the dawn chorus of our birds as they once were heard.

Tiri Tiri Matangi Lighthouse. (click to enlarge).

Tiri Tiri lighthouse

The Tiri lighthouse is one of only a few surviving lighthouse settlements in New Zealand, and the only one easily accessible to the public. Built in 1864, the lighthouse is also one of the oldest. It is made of cast iron, pre-fabricated in Pimlico, England and brought out by ship (Queen of the Deep) in sections which were bolted together on site. Over 21m tall and 4.7m in diameter at the base, it flashes every 15 seconds. Was originally painted red.

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